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Layfield is the Independent Candidate for Congress.   Layfield's Republican Opponent wants to cut and run from the American Border with Mexico, where we are loosing the War against the illegal aliens on our own Border and surrender America to the illegal aliens then give Citizenship, Work Permits and our jobs to them, under a Guest-Worker Program proposed by Mr. Bush, which will cut our wages in half and give them Citizenship, under his Executive Rule-Making Authority as President, without the knowledge and consent of Congress.   Layfield's Republican Opponent voted for Free-Trade Legislation in Congress, which sends our jobs to South America and to Communist China.   He voted to keep the troops in the Iraq Civil War, where they are being killed in combat-action at an average rate of one every six hours and never proposed legislation to repeal any of the Anti-Gun Laws, which make it impossible for one to defend his self at three AM against a burglar in his home.   The Democratic Party wants to do the same thing as the Republican Opponent, as to the twenty million illegal aliens, the Anti-Gun Laws and Free-Trade.    
                       Layfield's   Four  Political  Fundamentals

 1.  Repeal Free-Trade, which sends our jobs and industry to Communist China.

 2.  Propose the Layfield Iraq Civil War Conflict Resolution Plan before Congress to cut off all 
      Foreign Aid to all countries, from the Islamics and from their one and only traditional Enemy,  
      in order that we might remove the motivation the Islamics now have to hit America, the best
      friend of the Enemy of Islam and the Islamic Countries.   This Enemy of the Islamics will not 
      have the money to purchase weapons to kill Islamics.   The Islamics will not hit America.     
      America will not have to continue to hit the Islamics.   Re-deploy all of the Troops out of the Iraq
      Civil War and reassign all of them to illegal alien duty  on the American Border with Mexico, 
      where we are surrendering our American  sovereignty and  security to the illegal aliens and  
      loosing  the War against the illegal aliens on our  own Border.
Pass Legislation to make it legal for all Law Enforcement, Military and Naval Forces to identify,
      arrest and deport all of the illegal aliens.

 4.  Pass Legislation to repeal all of the Anti-Gun Legislation/Laws  passed in Congress in the last
      thirty years, which criminalizes the possession of ordinary rifles  and pistols and their reasonable
      use for self-defense and in emergency defense of home and family.

      This internet-broadcast radio program is highly recommended by Layfield as a political   
      educational resource of news and information often ignored or suppressed by virtually
      all other news and radio- call-in-talk shows in America.     ChuckHarderShow.COM   
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